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Compatible with any policies that will be adopted in the future.

TRASH BUSTER only requires garbage separation. That is the very first step of waste management.


To compost, to produce biofuel, to install incinerators…, any policies in the future you might adopt need garbage separation. Even to dispose in landfills should be done after separating garbage appropriately.


TRASH BUSTER is preferable to be installed as the first step for garbage separation.



Services for installation

TRASH BUSTER does not have any mechanical component. So, it is unbreakable especially under ordinary usage. Even if users throw unseparated garbage into TRASH BUSTER by mistake, it would not break down.


However, it works more effectively when users separate garbage appropriately. Soil microbes can only decompose organic waste. Organic-inorganic mixed garbage is difficult to decompose.


We can hold some workshops in communities and schools to instruct how to separate garbage, why separating is important, what will become of the separated garbage, and how to use TRASH BUSTER effectively, if need be.


Please feel free to ask us about our services.



Garbage separation is important!

Which can we dispose into TRASH BUSTER?


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