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Simple, cost effective and

ecological way to reduce raw garbage.


TRASH BUSTER is a durable container to reduce massive amount of organic waste by soil microbes.



Main features:

Easy to use

   ・Simply add a spoonful of ALL OK (a micro biological agent) and

  dispose raw garbage into TRASH BUSTER everyday until it reaches

  its capacity.

   ・TRASH BUSTER accepts raw garbage of 30 to 50 kg/day for about

     3 years.

   ・Once TRASH BUSTER reaches its capacity, leave the raw garbage

   inside TRASH BUSTER as it is for 2 to 3 years.

  ・After 2 to 3 years, approximately 90% of the raw garbage will be

   decomposed by soil microbes and hence vanished.

  ・As the raw garbage disappears through the natural decomposition

   process after 2 to 3 years, TRASH BUSTER will be ready for re-use





Dispose raw garbage into TRASH BUSTER   with a spoonful of ALL OK.

Soil microbes decompose the garbage.



 Excellent durability

    ・TRASH BUSTER can be used semi-permanently.

    ・TRASH BUSTER is made of durable reinforced plastic and has been used

     continuously without damage for over 15 years.

    ・No mechanical components and therefore, no risk of mechanical failure of



 Low cost

    ・Once installed, absolutely maintenance free and no further costs involved.

    ・No fuel, electricity required nor mechanical process involved. Zero running cost.



*ALL OK (a micro biological agent) is both a decomposing agent and deodorant and keeps vermin away.

ALL OK works in cold weather too, even with temperatures falling below 20 degrees Celsius.


Quick Set-Up (1-2 days) 

1. TRASH BUSTER cover being assembled on site.

2. An underground hole being created to accommodate TRASH BUSTER.

3. A 200mm layer of gravel will be created at the bottom of the hole.

4. The body of TRASH BUSTER being assembled inside the underground hole.

5. The cover of TRASH BUSTER being put on the body.


unit: mm     GL: Ground Level


 *TRASH BUSTER cannot be set to the ground with spring water.


1. Assembling the cover
1. Assembling the cover
2. Digging a hole
2. Digging a hole

3. Assembling the body
3. Assembling the body
4. Completion
4. Completion


Currently over 1,500 TRASH BUSTER devices have been installed and in use in Japan.

Major clients include:



 ・Schools and Universities


 ・Chicken farm*

 ・Isolated islands

*Only for chicken farm which does not mix antibiotics with animal feed as antibiotics will inhibit the raw garbage decomposition process in TRASH BUSTER.


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